Downbeat Magazine

"Brothers in musical crime and creative invention with chops and a flexible pocketful of ideas about how jazz could go in the 2010s. Their latest album, ['In Praise of Shadows,'] freely incorporates electronics, digitized production modes and sounds from the pop realm, while slipping in tasty improvisational elements. […] Impressive young players with integrity… coolly appealing."


The New Yorker

“Classical music’s chamber wing has become a small home for big experiments in cross-genre fertilization. The Le Boeuf Brothers(Pascal on piano, Remy on saxophone), prodigious twins from Santa Cruz, are clearing their own path, mixing the solid swing of the jazz tradition with hip-hop, indie rock, and the complex techniques of classical modernism. With their sidemen, they join the ever-ready JACK Quartet in a concert at National Sawdust on Nov. 16 that celebrates the release of their new album, ‘imaginist.’”

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New York Times

"This group has an impressively self-assured new album which reaches for the gleaming cosmopolitanism of our present era."


San Francisco Chronicle

"The brothers play a rich brand of modern jazz, with performances and compositions that display an impressive level of sophistication. Textured harmonies and shifting time signatures are handled with aplomb."