Secondhand Smile (Big Band)

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Secondhand Smile Web Image.jpg

Secondhand Smile (Big Band)


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SECONDHAND SMILE was commissioned by Keio Light Music Society in 2017 for the 48th annual Yamano Big Band Contest in Saitama, Japan. This challenging, high-energy, disjointed, and playful piece features the ensemble's drummer and alto saxophonist.


Wind 1: Flute

Wind 2: Alto sax 1

Wind 3: Alto sax 2

Wind 4: Clarinet

Wind 5: Tenor sax

Wind 6: Baritone Sax


Trumpet 1-5 (5th part doubles on Flugelhorn)

Trombone 1-3

Bass Trombone


Electric Guitar


Acoustic Bass

Drum Set

Percussion: Splash Cymbal, Bongos, Triangle, Wind Whistle, 25-tone bar chimes, cajón, sleigh bells, 3 wood block (pitched high, med, low)

SOLO: Alto Sax


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